Valentin Rusin wurde 1958 in der Ukraine geboren. Er studierte von 1972-1976 an der Fachschule für Kunst in Voroschilovgrad und dann von 1979-1984 an der Akademie für Kunst und Design in Charkov/Ukraine. Dieses Studium schloß Valentin Rusin 1984 erfolgreich mit dem Diplom im Fach „Malerei“ ab.

Danach arbeietete Valentin Rusin als Auftragskünstler im Bereichen Freskas, Glasmalerei und Mosaiken. Gleichzeitig malte er und nahm er von 1986-1994 an Gemeinschaftsausstellungen in Moskau, Kiev und Charkov teil.

1992 fand die erste Ausstellung im Westen in Nürnberg statt. Seit 1994 lebt und arbeitet Valentin Rusin in Deutschland. Von 1999 bis 2002 war er Mitglied des Deutschen Künstlerbundes.

Seit 1994 lebt und arbeitet der diplomierte Künstler in Deutschland. Etwa fünfzig Ausstellungen seiner Werke fanden seitdem in Deutschland und anderen europäischen Ländern statt und viele seiner Bilder finden sich in internationalen Galerie- und Privatsammlungen in Amerika, Holland, Israel, Ungarn, der Türkei, Rußland und Deutschland.


Valentin Rusin’s exceptional curiosity and desire to see and comprehend led him to the various European undertakings. As a passionate devotee of Renaissance, Valentin with his wife Tanya visited Italy more than 10 times. He was the only artist in Germany who was invited twice to the International Artists’ Summit in Tuscany. His personal exhibition was organized by the French gallery “Des Amis des Arts” in Aix-en-Provence, the home gallery of Paul Cezanne in the past.

It was his own gallery, however, that displayed the full magnitude and fearless range of Valentin Rusin’s art work: since 2007, he conducts annually four seasonal exhibitions together with various cultural events and concerts that involve his own participation. Simultaneously, Valentin Rusin actively takes part in numerous innovations and art projects. The city of Essen, the 2010 cultural capital of the European Union, gave Rusin many exciting opportunities. Some of the artist’s major projects included participation in the giant mural “Youth for Tolerance and against Aggression” in the Essen Youth Center, a regional action “Portraits of Our Contemporaries”, involvement in the city celebrations and Days of Culture, and generous giving of his art for sale at the charitable auctions. 

The Path of Enlightenment is Endless

A superbly creative artist Valentin Rusin is a perfect example of how multifaceted talents and attainments shape a modern Renaissance man. His alluring, often mesmerizing artwork havetouched the souls of art lovers internationally, and there seems to be no end to the interests of this contemporary master: holistic philosophy, naturally ingrained surrealism, solid classical performance, widely and wildly imaginative choice of subjects. His thematic series “Parisian images”, “Life on the Moon”, “Buñuel”, “Shifting in space” etc. build up compelling visual motifs and narrate untold story lines. Every Rusin canvas reveals itself gradually, enticing the eye with subtle nuances and intricate composition details over time.

As a true Renaissance man, Rusin expands his path of enlightenment beyond painting: he plays various musical instruments with the current favorite being a saxophone; he is the author of treasure hunting puzzles; a collector of hats and artifacts, he uses an assortment of these objects as props in his artwork.

This international nugget was born in Kirovsk, a coal mining town near the Ukrainian city of Lugansk on November 17, 1958. He spent much of his childhood discovering his outer and inner worlds. At the early age of 14, young Valentin entered the Art School of Lugansk. Graduating as a top student, he continued his pursuit of mastery and entered Kharkov Fine Arts Institute (now Design and Art Academy) among 9 students out of 200 contenders to be admitted into the Mural and Monumental Fine Arts group.

Valentin Rusin graduated with honors in 1984. On the way of finding his own voice in life and art, Rusin had been making large-scale frescos, stained glass and mosaics for a living, while working in parallel with oil on canvas in his spare time. His focus as a painter triggered a unique style and advanced his talent for superlative work, no matter what the choice of color and composition was at a given time. Rusin’s overwhelmingly successful debut in the West took place in 1992, in Nürnberg,Germany. There were many excitedly positive reviews, sales and offers. At the same time, the artist participated in various exhibitions in Kiev, Moscow, Kharkov and Lugansk. Several museums of these cities bought his paintings. Valentin Rusin’s general outlook, however, stayed the same: the path of enlightenment is endless. Hence, in 1994, he moved with his family to Essen, Germany. Expressing himself in various mediums, Valentin Rusin increased his profile (and respect) appearing in 21 personal exhibitions as well as in 50+ group shows. His appealing, masterful paintings were acquired by the fine arts connoisseurs all over the world: Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, US, Holland, Israel, Hungary, Turkey, Spain, Russia and other countries. His largest fan, Günter Bauer, acquired 42 works made by Valentin Rusin.

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